G.P.S is a company created to support companies on their Sales, Customer Service Support, General Public Education pointed to your company needs and giving you and your company time to focus in what will bring you tools to grow. Our mission is to increase your client base and to reduce your overhead cost, we at G.P.S will work with you as partners and we will give you real solutions to your company needs.

G.P.S specializes in bilingual call center services with a focus on Spanish-English language capabilities. We help your company communicate with your Spanish-speakers customers by combining high-touch with high-tech.

G.P.S specializes in services to the hispanic market.
We have call home to a cultural diverse and educated population. We can help you support and penetrate the Hispanic market with over 40 million people in the US growing. Our educated and professional agents provide the care and attention you expect of your own staff.
Some key attributes are as follows:

  • Certified Spanish Speaking Agents
  • Spanish-speaking Quality Control Analysts
  • Script Translation (assures cultural relevancy)

We provide live agents and automated services to several vertical industries including telecommunications, hospitality, utilities, and collections.

"The world is flat and getting flatter every day as new approaches and technologies. At G.P.S we see the need for a sharing of ideas, concepts and strategies across the globe"